About Us

Real Military Videos (RMV) is part of the Real Military Network, a collection of sites focusing on military-themed games and entertainment.  RMV features unique historical films and videos that cannot be found any other place on the internet.  All films and videos are available for free viewing for anyone, anywhere. Topics covered include:

  • World War I Films and Videos
  • World War II Films and Videos
  • Korean War Films and Videos
  • Vietnam War Films and Videos
  • Iraq War Films and Videos
  • Afghanistan War Films and Videos
  • Helicopter Films and Videos
  • Tank Films and Videos
  • Submarine Films and Videos
  • Planes Films and Videos
  • Army Films and Videos
  • Navy Films and Videos
  • Marines Films and Videos
  • Air Force Films and Videos
  • Coast Guard Films and Videos

The RMV library currently consists of over 1000 films and videos and is being expanded every week.  To contact RMV about advertising, submission of a video or film, or regarding usage rights for the content contained on this site, please contact us.